Our attorneys are standing by to assist you in all areas of civil law, and particularly financing, security, insolvency law and restructuring.


TOON provides advisory and litigation services in a range of different areas, including liability of directors and officers, supervisory board members and shareholders, for example in bankruptcy matters. TOON also assists with auditors’ liability under disciplinary and civil law.

Employment law

In the area of employment law, TOON provides advisory and litigation services to both domestic and international clients on mass lay-offs and individual dismissals, reorganisations, terms of employment, incapacity for work and employee co-determination matters, as well as advising on employment law aspects of mergers and acquisitions. TOON has a wealth of experience with and a profound understanding of the Dutch Senior Executives in the Public and Semi-Public Sector (Standards for Remuneration) Act (Wet normering topinkomens).


TOON advises clients on their rights and obligations in relation to performing, amending or terminating existing contracts and drafting new ones, including general terms and conditions, but also custom-drafted contracts. TOON’s attorneys also assist with legal proceedings on contractual terms.

Insolvency law

TOON provides advisory and litigation services in the areas of insolvency law (bankruptcies, suspensions of payments, the Dutch Scheme (WHOA), pre-packs) and corporate restructurings. This includes helping clients to avoid liability. TOON represents legal entities, their directors and officers, supervisory board members, shareholders and creditors.

TOON also advises bankruptcy trustees on the potential liability of directors and officers, supervisory board members and auditors.

Financing & security

TOON advises on financing and security. Services include reviewing finance documents and optimising and enforcing security.

Corporate reporting law

TOON advises on corporate reporting law, and more specifically on the question of whether financial statements are compliant with the legal and regulatory reporting rules. TOON also advises audit firms on relevant laws and regulations. Where necessary, TOON assists with legal proceedings.


Aladár coaches teams and individual team members. For organisations and teams, Aladár takes on the role of facilitator, coach or another capacity to conduct or oversee difficult sessions, discussions between groups of two or more people, team building days, offsite retreats or communication processes. Aladár also assists organisations that seek to evolve or have evolution thrust upon them, through a process of co-creation, by giving shape to change and improvement processes, programs focussing on good communication and organisational development.

As a coach, Aladár provides guidance in personal and professional growth and development. His preferred method is to conduct discussion sessions, based on the professional’s experiences wherever possible. Feeling, experiencing and talking about the situation at hand helps the professional to get to the heart of the matter and then turn that understanding into targeted actions to bring about change and growth. After completing a coaching program, which is generally short, the professional will experience greater balance and calmness in their lives. They will find more joy and satisfaction in what affects them and what matters to them, both on a personal and on a professional level, having already taken new steps towards this outcome.

To find out more, or to arrange a meeting, please feel free to contact Aladár.


Specialists with years of experience.

The lawyers at TOON have many years of experience, both at leading (international) law firms and at mid-sized boutique firms. At TOON, they bring together in-depth expertise and true personal attention and dedication to you and your case at TOON.

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